Sunday Mornings-

How long is the service? 

Services typically run about an hour.

What about kids?

School-age children can sit in service with their parents. Babies and pre-schoolers who are unable to sit quietly should go to the nursery. Please let a church member know if you need nursery care.

What’s the service like? 

We have a wonderful pianist and sing songs out of our hymnal and often have special music. We cast our announcements and the lyrics to the songs we're singing on big screens. We celebrate The Lord's Supper at the end of the service on the first Sunday of each month. Our philosophy for the Lord's Supper: If you're welcome at the table in the Kingdom of Heaven, you're welcome at our table.

How do people normally dress? 

Dress at our church is semi-casual.

Sunday & Wednesday Evenings-

Are very informal and casual and we meet in the foyer. Dinner is served on Wednesdays at 6pm and is free and open to all.