Vision Statement

We will first act in ways that glorify God. We will minister to our communities' needs. We will find ways to actively serve and use our gifts, while we develop the gifts of others. We will strive to be joyful and sprit-filled as we serve today and prepare for tomorrow. We will pray fervently in all situations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Worship God, Evangelize the Lost, Disciple Believers, Teach and Obey the Word of God, and Meet the Needs of Others.

Mission Slogan

"Proclaiming Jesus by Serving Others"


  1. We value the One and Only God, His Son Jesus, His inspired Word, and the Holy Spirit which directs our lives.
  2. We value salvation through the shed blood of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
  3. We value the power of prayer, evangelism, mission work, and community fellowship for the purpose of glorifying God.
  4. We value the foundational institution of the family, the sanctity of human life, and the sacredness of marriage.
  5. We value and practice trust, compassion, respect, and integrity in our relationships with individuals, our church body, and with our community while respecting the differences with which God has gifted us.
  6. We value the stewardship of tithes, resources, time, and joyful service.
  7. We value the promise of eternity with our Lord, and the opportunity to bring others to His grace through the fullest use of all of our talents.